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Category: Dance


The different types of dance 

If you are looking for one of a “different types of dance “around the world, we’ve got the listing. Dance has been totally essential and indispensable part of from all around the globe. There are many situations where dance are performed as these dances are…


Famous Dances From Around The World 

Where there is rhythm, there is happiness and famous dances from around the world. Dance makes the person feel light and also keeps the body fit. In this article we have mentioned some of the best dance forms around the world, which will make your…


Classical Dance Forms in India 

The classical dance forms comes from the roots of the dance forms that are performed in India. In Sanskrit the Indian Classical Forms are known as Natya Shashtra. Different states in India have different classical forms. Each classical dance has its own style, elegance and…


Become a Dancer 

What kind of dancer do I want to be? To figure out what kind of dancer you want to be, you need to figure out what your goals are and the style that suits you best. Having a clear vision of what kind of dancer you…


Dancing feels so good 

Our ancestors painted their cave walls with pictures of dancers. Even babies instinctively jig in time to music. Dancing feels good – and while some societies ban it, there is no culture on earth that doesn’t possess an urge to dance. But how is it…