Indian culture and its diversity are not hidden anymore from the eyes of the world. India is a massive country and each state has its own festivals that celebrate the traditions and rituals, apart from that the foods prepared during the festivals are also one of the major attractions. There are different dance forms of india with states. Therefore, a tourist from all over the globe can experience the rich cuisine prepared during festivals apart from unique dances.

Historically speaking, the dances of India represents a culture of the state , hence it always more than movements. The dances were developed from the very ancient times,  however, the movements and way the dancers interpret these dance forms is still deeply rooted and maintain originality.

India has over 20 states and each state has is represented by its dances. These dances gave a sense of identity and recognition. Dances such as Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Sattriya, Manipuri, Kathak are some of the well-known dances of the country.


Different Dance Forms Of India With States


Bharatnatyam originates from the state of Tamil Nadu and the dances moves are performed based on Carnatic music. Historians claim that this celestial dance i.e. Bharatnatyam can be traced back to 1000 BC where it was originally performed in the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu, by woman. The dance is known for strikingly beautiful body poses and gestures , known as Mudras in . It focuses basically on the coordination between of hands, legs and the  facial expressions of the dancer. The people kept the dance form alive till date and it also recognised as one of the most respectable dance forms in India.


Katha literary mean story and this famous dance are associated with storytelling. Kathakali can be translated to the ‘storyteller’ in the local language.  This dance form has its roots from Kerala, a state in the southern part of India. Kathakali was popularized as part of the storytelling of the famous originals especially the tales of Ramayana.

The setup of this dance is unique as the dancers put on heavy makeup with intriguing face gestures. Only vocals are used which is famously known as  Soppanam. fascinating to watch!



The Odissi dance is the state dance of Odisha, a state in the eastern part of India. This dance was famously performed in Hindu temples in Odisha, in order to honour gods and goddesses. The dance movements are extensively inspired by idols belonging to the ancient temples of India. Odissi dance was dedicated to express gratitude to Lord Shiva and Surya.


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