Where there is rhythm, there is happiness and famous dances from around the world. Dance makes the person feel light and also keeps the body fit. In this article we have mentioned some of the best dance forms around the world, which will make your feet tap and your mood happy.

  • The Fandango of Spain – It is the exuberant dance which belongs to passionate land of Spain. The dance is fast paced and embodies raw passion. The beauty of the dance comes out from the tapping beats and clapping of hands. Dancers mostly wear red gown which makes the dance more spectacular.
  • The Capoeira of Brazil – It was originated in Brazil. This dance form is mix of martial arts, acrobatics and music traditional to its African roots. This form needs immense strength. The male vocals are used for the music mostly. Music is the very important part in this dance, as it sets the mood for the dance.

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  • The Tinkling Dance of The Philippines – It originated in the colonial era in the Philippines. It is danced around the tapping bamboos. The dancers navigate between thee bamboos in pairs. This dance form is taught in schools as the acrobatic and fitness practice. It is very interesting to watch.
  • The Kabuki Dance of Japan – It originates from the mysterious lands of Japan. It is a connection of dancing and singing. It is performed in English also now. The costumes and makeup is very attractive and catches the attention of the people who watch it.
  • The Irish Step Dance – It is the combination of of fast paced leg movements. The movement is mix of ballet and tap dancing. Tap dance requires hard surface to get a perfect rhythm.

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  • The Huli Vesha of Karnataka – It is the traditional dance form from Tulu Nadu in Karnataka. It is performed during the nine days of Navratri. The face of the dancers are painted with the colors of tiger stripes. The makeup is removed directly on the last day of Navratri. The act in the dance tells the story of the area and is really entertaining to watch.

Many dance form in the world are hidden from the public and famous dances from around the world. You can enjoy different dance forms in different countries. we hope this article will help you to understand and gain knowledge about the different famous dance forms from around the world. Just don’t see and enjoy, try to be the part of the dance.